Thank you so much for your interest in spending time with me! Please keep in mind, these rates are non-negotiable.


        A Brief Introduction: 1 Hours $1000

        Penny for Your Thoughts: 2 Hours $1800

        Dinner and Infatuation: 3 Hours $2600

        A Proper Evening Together: 6 Hours $4500

        Sleepover With a Refreshing Breakfast: 12 Hours $6000

        A Full Day of Bliss: 24 Hours $8000

I LOVE overnights, sleepovers are such a special kind of fun! However, I do request 7 hours of uninterrupted beauty sleep.

    • Deposits:-

Deposits are required for all appointments. A deposit of 1/3 of my rate for our appointment will be required in advance. I have several convenient ways to pay deposits. If in doubt, please ask me!

    • Why am I being asked for a deposit?

I ask for deposits at my discretion, with every appointment. Deposits ensure our appointment will go forward seamlessly. They are a guarantee for both you and me that we will be meeting at our agreed-upon destination at the proper time. Deposits ensure for me that I do not have to experience no-call/no-shows from anybody.

    • Cancellation Policy

I understand, things do happen! Your deposit will be front refunded 50% if you cancel within 48 hours. If you cancel within 24 hours, your deposit will not be refunded.

    • Duos

You know how much I enjoy duos, but they require more planning and energy expenditure (totally worth it, though). A 25% fee will be added to my hourly rate for duos. When meeting with a couple, I like a few moments of alone time with each couple member, to get to know you better.

Consideration can be left in a plain envelope, a card, a book, or inside some beautiful present you’re presenting me with. Make sure I can see it and don’t mention it. Thanks!

I am available for domestic or international travel. Passport ready, travel is one of my absolute favorite things to do. You will find me to be a calm, down to earth travel partner, while still expressing my total excitement when we reach our destination! Email me to discuss travel particulars.

       Exclusive Arrangements

I am also available for monthly arrangements with the right special person. Experience how close an arrangement can be—or enjoy our flings with no strings attached. It’s all about your needs and desires, and nothing comes close to how I can cater to that once I’ve established an arrangement with you. Email with questions!

I am SO looking forward to the pleasure of your company.


       Private One-on-One Skype Bookings

Want to “meet”me without leaving your home? Traveling but can’t schedule enough time away from work for an in-person meeting? A private one-on-one Skype booking is the perfect idea for you. Just the two of us, let your imagination soar!

       One Half-Hour Skype Booking:  $250

       One Hour Skype Booking:  $500

       Please add an additional $200 for every half

       hour extension beyond one hour


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