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January 5, 2019


When I first heard the word “duo”, I just loved it. There was something so elegant about it—especially in comparison to the word “threesome”. “Duo” brought up the image of two partners, moving in unison, with grace and flexibility between them. “Threesome” smacked of something you might consider when you and two friends had drank too much, or when you were daydreaming about your wife’s best friend. Just not the same situation!

There are a few things that might cause one to shy away from the notion of enjoying time with two young ladies. First, where do you start? If you have a special companion that you see regularly, it’s easier to get started. This is not to say that you cannot enjoy a duo if you do not have a regular person you see, but I’ll explain that later. If you have a regular companion, you can look to her for some advice. For instance is there someone she knows that she particularly enjoys spending time with? If so, all the better. You want your lady friend to feel as comfortable as possible. If not, and she’s interested in the idea as much as you are, suggest you check out some girls on the net that are “her type”. (Of course—they have to be YOUR type too! ;). Once you’ve happened upon someone who offers duos and you’re both interested, reach out. Make that appointment. Don’t hesitate! Life’s too short.

From my own experiences, I can share with you some “secrets” that will make ANY duo very relaxed, worth it, and an experience that will go down in the history books! First off, start with some time for you all to talk. A little small talk breaks the ice. Always ask what beverages the young ladies might enjoy, and provide them. Make sure to open the drinks in front of the young ladies, so they know the drinks aren’t being tampered with. Even if you don’t drink, your friends might appreciate the thought. Chat, sip, loosen up. A half an hour of this and everyone will be feeling festive and you’ll feel the heat rising in the room, I promise!!!

When you feel the time is right, invite the ladies into the boudoir. Explain that the two of them are the two most beautiful sites you have rested your eyes upon, and to watch one undress the other, and vise versa, would be heaven on earth. They will be quick to oblige. When those two beauties are down to their skivvies, ask them politely to undress you. Being undressed by two women at once is quite the experience :). When you’re all comfortable, you might start by asking them if they wouldn’t mind “getting things started” with each other, while you watch. This has the benefit of being extremely arousing for all involved. You get to watch how the girls move together (something you’ll NEVER forget, believe me) and the girls get to enjoy a semi-taboo indulgence, sex with another beauty.

Encourage them to go as far as they would like, and to stop whenever they feel they’d like to. Again, you never know how far this will go. If the two get on well together (and they should), we can assume you’ll be seeing some extreme pleasure in action, face to face. Let them do as they wish and move however they feel is comfortable for them.

Once they have had a round or two with each other, invite them to focus on you. If you have specific ideas in mind, it is 100% OK to voice them. Have you always wanted to have a girl on your face while another mouths your nether regions? How about a girl going down on another girl while you take care of one from behind? Any and all of these ideas should be voiced and performed in their own time. Make sure to book enough time so you can feel unrushed while making sure you’ll end up satiated.

This beautiful movement of bodies will finish on a somewhat breathless note. Encourage the girls to relax, one reclining on each of your arms. Thank them and tell them what you enjoyed most. Hopefully, they will both be conspiring together on how to make it even better for you—next time.

Liked my blog? Questions, comments? Please do let me know! This is a community forum and everyone’s opinions are valued and encouraged. Thanks everyone, till next time, your Edie Jeanne.


November 20, 2018


Hey fellas, for my first blog entry I am going to introduce y’all to the amazingly epic potential for pleasure and excitement that is known as the female condom.  Some of you may already be familiar with this subject, some not, and some may dislike the idea of them at all.  But rest assured gentlemen, by the time you’ve read this (or better yet experienced it with me alone or with any of my incredibly sexy duo partners) any doubts about their superiority to the traditional thing for your pleasure will be laid to rest.  

First, for any of you who aren’t familiar with them, I’ll give you a real quick review of how they work.  They accomplish the same thing as the regular thing in every way, and can even be used by Greek men, if you get where I’m coming from.  Not only that, unlike with the traditional condom they do not need to be exchanged if one is having a night to remember with one of my girlfriends and me.  Forget about those awkward, pain in the ass change ups, right in the middle of the hot and heavy!  Imagine my amazingly perfect pussy with my partner’s amazing snatch piled up in front of you ready to go…or our incredibly round and luscious asses starting you in the face.  And no need to change up condoms as you go from her to me and back again!  Or even from one of us front to back and back again!  And that’s to say nothing of your sensation level!

One of the biggest complaints I have heard from gentlemen regarding condoms is the loss of sensation that comes with that barrier between those super sensitive areas.  Well unlike the regular thing, the female condom has virtually no interference in your sensation and is even perfect for any DATY.  They are so much better than the traditional condom in so many ways, so I have been told many times, that there really is no question.  Sadly so few gentlemen have even had any experience or familiarity with them that I feel it is my duty as a provider of the highest level of experience to spread the word about their incredible level of safety, convenience and that oh-so-important uninterrupted experience.  Thank you for taking the time out of your busy day to read this.  I hope I’ve piquéd your curiosity and perhaps given you something to think about during a boring meeting.  Next—from dreams to reality.  Looking forward to hearing from you!….Until then, Hugs and the Warmest Kisses, Your Edie Jeanne.


December 30, 2019




There is an idea circulating on the internet about body parts—that if you like this one, you’re this type of person, if you like that one, you’re like this.  I’m not so sure I believe that (I happen to be one that doesn’t believe everything I read on the internet—haha!).

So—do you believe that men who favor breasts over behind are more needy in general?  This is something I’ve read.  I don’t tend to agree.  A gentleman who likes a great rack seems to me like someone who into a woman’s whole front end—face, hair, eyes.  Breasts are a voluptuous and pillowy place to rest your hands, mouth, head.  While women who have large breasts can certainly seem nurturing, that’s a great thing.  Breasts are what we are all familiar with—many of us got our start in life that way, from our generous mothers.  All different kinds of breasts are attractive.  Small breasts definitely have their place and should get a mention.  They are forever perky, the nipples are beautifully in focus, and grabbing them is perfect.  Larger breasts are gorgeous too—stunningly feminine and rounded, they are the epitome of woman.

Now moving on.  Let’s talk about that other most celebrated body part, the booty.  I’ve read that butt men are daddy types.  The type that like to control things, etc.  Could be possible, BUTT (haha) let’s consider it further.  A slamming behind is the gift that keeps on giving.  Watching a woman undress, and slowly lay down on the bed, only to roll over and give you a fantastic view of her ample assets—that’s such a hot idea.  Watching a great ass move when you slap it—you know what I’m talking about.  Sorry, I seem to be devolving here!  Turning myself on.  Anyway, a great ass is attached to long, sexy legs—another awesome focal point on a woman’s body.  Something about seeing a fabulous behind in tight jeans always does it for me.

Of course, this is all subjective.  Whatever anyone likes is as valid as whatever anyone else likes!  And if course, those are only the two most-mentioned body parts we’re discussing.  A beautiful woman’s eyes, lips, hair should all get a mention.  Speaking of her upper body, what about a long, elegant neck, so kissable and smooth?  Or a beautifully shaped collar bone, that is just begging your fingers to trace it?

Personally, I love the area which seems to have no name—where the upper thigh meets the ass.  If a woman is in semi-decent shape, this is a gorgeous area to explore.  Licking that delicate area is such a mega turn-on.  If you have not had the pleasure, I suggest you try it—today!

So, do you have a favorite body part?  Anywhere that your eyes go first when you’re checking out a gorgeous woman is fair play.  Do you think I’m right about the opinions I’ve seen, or totally off?!  Make sure to email me at


To let me know.  As usual, I love to hear from you.

From every body part of mine to every body part of your, Happiest Holidays and the very best wishes for a peaceful and prosperous New Year.


Edie Jeanne